Federico Guida

Federico Guida

Federico Guida

Milan, Italy

Born in the suburbs of Milan in 1990, he graduated from the photography Academy ‘R. Bauer’ in Milan, 2011.

Fascinated by photography from a young age, he grew close to the photojournalism thanks to an internship at ‘Cesura Lab’ under the guidance of the photojournalist Alex Majoli.

After several experiences abroad including New York and Australia, he returned to Italy in 2013 where he started to pursue his interest for portrait photography, working together with prominent names in the Italian portrait photography scene.

Exploring the Publishing World, over the years he developed his own communicative power and the ability of investigate and figure out the various facets of the portrait philosophy, through an ongoing dialogue between subject ad author.

His portfolio features mostly portraits, keeping a keen and versatile eye on stories and themes he's more passionate about.


Winner in 2019 of the ‘Canon Young Photographers Award’ (category: sports photography) with his photo project ‘Pugni Chiusi, boxe in Bollate Penitentiary’ with following exhibition at ‘Cortona On The Move Festival.

Winner in 2021 of the Media Stars Award, (fist place in category No Profit) with the advertisement project for San Raffaele Hospital: ‘The future in their hands’.