At Redux Pictures, we pride ourselves on collaborating with a wide network of trusted partners to provide you with high-quality visual content. Explore the diverse array of organizations we work with, bringing you the very best in photography.


The New York Times has one of the world’s oldest and largest photo archives, with more than seven million images dating back to the early 1900s. Times photography is recognized globally and includes the work of an award-winning team of photojournalists.


Nine idealists, individualists, experts pursuing one goal: 13 Photo AG, a journalistic photo agency, which serves as a platform to develop new approaches and themes within contemporary photography. The continuously growing photo archive of its members and associated network photographers will play an important part in shaping the future of one of the most influential mediums of our times.


Lisbon-based 4See produces high quality images from the Iberian Peninsula. Founded by four photographers with the goal of promoting excellent photojournalism made by experienced and young promising talents, 4See’s vision is focused on building stories and essays about social and human topics. Their photographers are also practiced in the fields of advertising, travel, fashion and corporate work, among others.

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Agentur Focus has been one of the leading agencies in Germany for over 40 years. Since 2020, it has been owned by its photographers. Focus has more than 30 members and distributes the work of an additional 140 photographers from around the world. Agentur Focus is specialized in documentary photography, portraiture and mixed media in a wide variety of topics.


ANP Foto works with a permanent core team of photographers that reports the national photo-worthy news non-stop. In addition, a few hundred photographers every day provide visual depth on the news, regional news images, illustrative photography, sports reports, entertainment photography and more. Since 2018, the collection of photo agency Hollandse Hoogte has also been part of the image bank, which now consists of almost 100 million images. 


Anzenberger Agency represents 50 international photographers worldwide and distributes another 200 photographers with more than 2,500 photos & text features and a growing archive with now about 300,000 carefully selected images. The agency was founded by Regina Maria Anzenberger in 1989 and is directed by her.


Archivolatino's roster of photographers covers all of Latin America, from Tierra del Fuego to the Panama Canal, from the airy rural expanses of Las Pampas to the highly modern streets of Brazilia. Their stock archive is regularly updated with news, the economy, travel features and general issues affecting Latin Americans. Archivolatino now boasts one of the most complete image archives of their region.


BOSTOK Photo Agency is a Basque Country based cooperative that provides quality pictures, with a personal vision of the world. BOSTOK photographers have a long career photographing the Basque Country, covering its political armed conflict, as well as the region's cultural issues and strong traditions. As part of the world, they also look abroad for important stories to tell. Its members are continuously finding the way to show their vision of our time.


BuzzFeed News is a global news organization providing original online reporting and video programming across Netflix, Facebook Watch, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. BuzzFeed News holds major institutions accountable, breaks explosive stories, and reveals injustices that change people’s lives -- all while averaging 50 million unique readers a month. BuzzFeed News photographers have worked to create an enviable portfolio of portraits of politicians, actors and other people of note who have visited their studio for interviews.


Camera Press is one of Britain's top independent picture agencies. Founded in 1947 we represent high profile photographers and agencies worldwide. We are known for our premium celebrity portraits and unparalleled royal collections, but we also offer news, travel, lifestyle and features, as well as an impressive historical archive.


Born in the 80’s to be a point of reference for quality photojournalism, Contrasto is a unique enterprise in the field of photography. Their collection includes vintage celebrity shots from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, current events covered from a unique artistic perspective, and travel photography. Their talented roster of photographers brings a unique vision and years of experience to corporate and editorial photography.


Esto is a design and architecture focused archive with images from high modern to contemporary architecture. Founded in 1939 by Ezra Stoller as his in-house studio, it was developed into a vibrant full service agency by Erica Stoller, a leader in the architectural photography industry. Based in Brooklyn, Esto works with several dozen architectural photographers and filmmakers and has expanded its design-focused mission to include portraiture, reportage and commercial film production, all of which are available on the Redux website.


London based eyevine has a growing stable of talented reportage and portrait photographers adept in shooting for both editorial and commercial clientele. The eyevine collection is directly linked via cutting edge technology to the Redux website making it easy to search across both agency collections here on the Redux website. eyevine is located in a premier location within major film studios at the heart of London’s creative community and on the edge of the 2012 Olympic site.


Figarophoto presents the main photos productions of the FIGARO Group publications: of course the daily French newspaper Le Figaro, and the weeklies Madame Figaro and Le Figaro Magazine! Daily photos uploads about fashion, beauty, celebrities, politicians, features stories, culture, travel, lifestyle, gastronomy, industry/economy/culture personalities...


FORTUNE is a global media organization dedicated to helping its readers, viewers, and attendees succeed big in business through unrivaled access and best-in-class storytelling.

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The French agency Hans Lucas has 800 photographers in 60 countries and a portfolio of 1,400 clients. Its name is a reference to the film-maker Jean-Luc Godard, whose pseudonym Hans Lucas used as a critic. Hans Lucas photographers develop work ranging from photojournalism and documentary to artistic, creative and portrait-based approaches.


Headpress is an international photographic agency founded in 1996 with offices in Sydney and London specializing in high-end fashion and celebrity portraiture.


Keystone-SDA is Switzerland's leading multimedia agency spreading every day news and sports reports, press photos and videos. These products are supplemented by images of everyday life in Switzerland, portraits of Swiss personalities and stories in form of reports. The historic picture archive makes an important contribution to Switzerland’s visual memory.


KINTZING's diverse and candid curatorial aesthetic is what sets them apart, with the ultimate objective always being to make audiences feel positive and represented. Their licensing roster is an exciting mix of next generation image-makers from all over the world, shooting real people in authentic situations, reflecting all aspects of life from everyday moments to important celebrations. Their celebrity portraiture is equally creative and cutting edge, with hot-right-now subjects from music, film and TV. The overall feel of the KINTZING collection is genuine and relatable, as well as being playful and experimental.


Our partner in Germany represents the award-winning work of many of Germany’s top photographers, including Peter Bialobrzeski and Andreas Teichmann. Over 190 freelance photographers supply them with their published and award-winning work. Their growing archive includes over 3 million images in a variety of styles and themes including travel, politics, economics, science, lifestyle, portraits and nature.


"Middle East Images" is a photo agency that presents Middle Eastern photography by accomplished local artists who seek to share their deep understandings of home through visual storytelling. Their technical expertise and cultural fluency guide an intimate mosaic of a geographic region that has been plagued for decades by war, terror, injustice and violence. Mainstream images of the MENA region draw heavily from this suffering and violence and are broadcast around the world on a daily basis. Our team of experienced photographers is committed to portraying these subjects from a culturally responsible point of view, incorporating aspects of the Middle Eastern experience that reach beyond what mass media typically allows.

MEI brings together photographers, spanning first-hand experiences in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq, among others. Our goal is to uplift a visual narrative of the Middle East from within, where local photographers with a global vision can continue to document their homeland on a long-term basis, sharing their lens with the rest of the world.


MYOP was established in 2005 by photographers willing to unite and write together a vibrant, sensitive and subjective history of our time. Today, MYOP brings together twenty-two award-wining documentary photographers who confront their points of view and share their testimonies of the contemporary world.


Istanbul-based NarPhotos is an independent collective established in 2003, with the aim of using documentary photography as a visual tool of understanding and expression. While its main focus is documenting political and social issues the Eurasian region, its photographers also produce a wide-range of travel, portraiture, and editorial work.

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News Licensing licenses images from the UK’s leading newspaper group News International, giving them access to an all- encompassing collection of powerful imagery from an extensive collection of titles, magazines and supplements including The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun, The Times Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine, Culture, Style, Fabulous and TV Magazine.


NOOR is a collective uniting a select group of highly accomplished photojournalists documenting, investigating and witnessing our world. Since its establishment in 2007, as both a photo agency and foundation, NOOR – an Arabic word meaning light – has been contributing to a growing understanding of the world by producing visual reports that stimulate positive social change and impact views on issues of global concern.


Formed in 2001 by nine award-winning photographers united by their commitment to documentary storytelling, Oculi has a unique approach to travel, portraiture, corporate and documentary photography. This unique photo agency reveals real lives and real stories that are overlooked by the mainstream media. Based in Australia, Oculi also ventures well beyond their own shores. They have photographers based in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney available for corporate and editorial assignments.


OSTKREUZ - Photographers Agency: Founded and led by photographers, this creative hub in Berlin specializes in visual storytelling. With a diverse team of photographers, they capture life, society, and culture, and maintain an extensive image archive. From street scenes to intimate portraits and immersive documentaries, Ostkreuz Agency excels at crafting authentic narratives through their lenses.

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Panos Pictures is a photo agency specializing in global social issues, driven by the vision and commitment of its photographers and staff. Panos is known internationally for its fresh and intelligent approach and respected for its integrity and willingness to pursue stories beyond the contemporary media agenda.


French agency REA covers economic and political news in Europe and beyond. Stock is updated daily with particular attention to the effects of a globalized economy upon our collective culture. Overtly political REA is committed to the idea that modernity does not have to be synonymous with dehumanization. REA also does travel features and corporate photography.


Reuters, Founded in 1851, is the world's largest multimedia news provider with a coverage of thousands of pictures per day and a reach of billions of people worldwide everyday.

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RIVA PRESS is a collective of French photojournalists that was founded in Paris in 2007. Based in Paris, Toulouse, Marseille and Madagascar, RIVA PRESS photographers cover international events for the press and put together more long-term documentary reports. Their work has been exhibited in festivals and has won numerous awards.


Sacca represents a collective of photographers who continue to document the reality of life under Myanmar’s military dictatorship. The agency was created in the aftermath of the military coup that took place in Myanmar on 1st February 2021, a coup which deposed the democratically elected government and shattered a decade of political and social development overnight. In the ancient Pali language sacca means ‘truth’. Driven by a belief in the power of photography to inspire change, Sacca’s storytellers work with passion and integrity to ensure that the truth of their country is not lost, and the stories of its people not forgotten.


VII represents 19 of the world’s preeminent photojournalists whose careers span 35 years of world history. Renowned for the quality of its photography, the group’s collective archive of over 100,000 images is an iconic summary of the defining landmarks of the late Twentieth Century and it continues to grow as the new millennium develops.


Founded in 1975 VISUM is Germany's oldest agency owned solely by photographers. The agency represents the work of more than 100 photojournalists, who work for all important magazines, newspapers and corporate publications. Among them you find specialists for photographic genres like portraits, travel, economy, science and politics. The archive offers about 400.000 images to professional clients. VISUM is based in the city of Hanover, that became a hotspot for young photojournalism in recent years due to the University of Applied Sciences and Arts along with the LUMIX Photo-Festival.

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Since its founding in 1986, Agence VU has consistently defended auteur photography while avoiding passing fads and never compromising in its ethical and aesthetic choices. VU has always set a very high standard of quality in its quest to identify, reveal and represent the best contemporary photographers without excluding any style or field of activity, and by innovating and developing new forms of communication through photography. The VU Agency is at the service of institutions and companies with a hundred photographers whose works are regularly exhibited, published and awarded the most prestigious international prizes.


Spanish based VWPics provides unique visuals from around the world, representing more that 140 photographers. The VWPics collection is constantly being updated with new images ranging from adventure to extreme sports, from conflict zones to exquisite travel images for advertising. You can find images of the deep sea and animals in the wild or cultural and historic destinations.

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The World Photography Organisation is a global platform for photography which activates initiatives, in over 50 countries each year, that help support artists working in the medium of photography. From international exhibition tours, online competitions, and prestigious awards to collaborative projects and high-end art fairs, we embrace photography in all its forms, and are dedicated to the success of our community of artists and photographers.